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Page: What We Fund

What We Fund Fund for a Safer Future supports advocacy, research, education, and community based organizing in order to reduce gun injuries and deaths. The following is a selection of FSF's grantees. Click the links below to learn more about the work some of our partners are doing. Fund for a Safer Future does not … Continued

Page: Legal

Legal Privacy Policy We are committed to protecting your privacy at Fund for a Safer Future (FSF) and to holding any information received in strict confidence. We will not collect any personal information from you that you do not volunteer, and we are the sole owner of all information collected on this site. We do … Continued

Page: Expanding Research

Expanding Research Fund for a Safer Future funds a portfolio of research projects seeking to answer the question: What works to prevent gun violence? Philanthropic support for research is critical because of limits on federal funding for gun violence prevention research. FSF-funded research projects have demonstrated the effectiveness of state firearm removal policies; quantified the … Continued

Page: Communications & Messaging

Communications & Messaging Fund for a Safer Future supports organizations working to amplify positive stories about national and state-based gun violence prevention work. Misinformation can play a dangerous role in shaping public attitudes and public policy. That's why FSF supports communication efforts to share timely, accurate research and common sense policy ideas to build broad … Continued

Page: Legal Strategies

Legal Strategies Fund for a Safer Future supports legal scholarship and strategy to improve gun violence prevention law and policy. FSF supports organizations that help build an intellectual framework for impact litigation that would generate significant longer-term improvements in gun violence prevention law and policy. Goals Develop new scholarship on the Second Amendment. Seek opportunities … Continued

Page: State Advocacy

State Advocacy Fund for a Safer Future invests in advocacy and organizing in key states where effective advocates are poised to make progress. Based on the growing body of research that finds that state policies are effective at reducing gun violence, FSF targets the advancement of state-level policy reform through meaningful and timely investments in … Continued

Page: Movement & Organizing

Movement & Organizing Fund for a Safer Future funds groups that facilitate collaboration or develop new constituencies within the gun violence prevention movement. Coordination among states and national initiatives to build the gun violence prevention movement is critical to making progress on reducing gun violence. FSF directs funding in this area toward continued coordination among … Continued

Page: Member Benefits Sign Up

Membership Information Grantmakers: Contact Us Membership in Fund for a Safer Future means becoming part of a pooled fund. The pooled fund enables our member organizations to contribute to a single fund that is distributed in grants (and sometimes contracts) according to an overarching strategy that the donors collectively understand and support. This allows members … Continued