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Who We Are

Fund for a Safer Future pools resources to invest in targeted, practical, strategies to reduce gun injuries and deaths.

FSF plays a strategic role in the gun violence prevention movement. We are a funder collaborative that helps reduce gun violence in the United States by supporting rational, evidence-based policies at the local, state and federal levels. We invest in organizations, research institutions, and advocates to strengthen policies that reduce the toll of gun violence, and we engage new donors in the movement. FSF currently includes 25 foundation and individual donors and has made more than $10M in grants to reduce gun violence since 2011.

Our Structure

FSF is managed by an Advisory Committee made up of member representatives. Together, the Advisory Committee pursues a strategy that includes support for effective movement building, policy-relevant research projects, well-timed state advocacy campaigns, data-driven communications work, and the development of innovative legal strategies that support the movement.

Our Members

FSF members include foundations, individual donors, and donor advised funds. The organizations listed below reflect some of our 29 members. 


Benefits For Members

Join us to learn more about the issues, develop influential new networks, and invest in collective impact. Together, we can strengthen the gun violence prevention community’s capacity to develop smart policy, mobilize supporters, summon the best available research, and overcome the gun lobby’s opposition to common sense reform.