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Page: Member Benefits

Member Benefits Help develop smart policy, mobilize supporters, summon the best available research, and contend with opposition to common sense gun violence prevention policies. What Membership Means Membership in Fund for a Safer Future means becoming part of a pooled fund. This approach encourages donor organizations to combine resources into a single dedicated grantmaking fund … Continued

Page: How We Work

How We Work Fund for a Safer Future has a comprehensive philanthropic agenda to reduce gun injuries and deaths, and focuses on developing and advancing evidence-driven policies that can save lives. Coordinating the Gun Prevention MovementAdvocacy for Policy at State LevelProviding Legal Strategies to Improve GVP LawInvesting in Community SolutionsSupporting Positive Messaging & CommunicationExpanding Research … Continued

Page: Who We Are

Who We Are Fund for a Safer Future pools resources to invest in targeted, practical, strategies to reduce gun injuries and deaths. FSF plays a strategic role in the gun violence prevention movement. We are a funder collaborative that helps reduce gun violence in the United States by supporting  evidence-based policies at the local, state … Continued

Page: Contact

Contact Us Grantmakers: Contact Us Membership in Fund for a Safer Future means becoming part of a pooled fund. The pooled fund enables our member organizations to contribute to a single fund that is distributed in grants (and sometimes contracts) according to an overarching strategy that the donors collectively understand and support. This allows members … Continued

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More than 120,000 Americans will be shot this year. And nearly 40,000 of them will die. It’s time to imagine a world free from gun violence. We all deserve a safer future. What We FundMembership Featured Grantees Center for American Progress Visit Site WAVE Educational Fund Inc. Visit Site Protect Minnesota Visit Site CeaseFire Pennsylvania … Continued